Saturday, May 30, 2009


got some friends rockin gravel in kansas this weekend...good luck to everyone out there. got to ride with one of the organizers during transiowa. awesome guy. i'll be hitting the trails today to shake down the jabber now that travis has it up and running again then i'll be heading up to afton tomorrow. something about this course does it to me everytime. i'm not sure i've ever finished a race at afton without puking during the race. and now i get to ride an extra lap. awesome. i actually really enjoy this course, its just a mean course.

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Charlie Farrow said...

Ben....Thanks for comment on my blog..I read your work all the time and I follow your racing as well. We, up here in Duluth, are in the primary stages of putting together a Trans-Iowa type event for October. I will keep you posted, the real deal will probably not happen until October of 2010, but we plan on a trial run this fall. Good luck in the season and I hope to see you. My plan is to do several WEMS races with an eye on "peaking" for the 24 Hours @ Seven Oaks (in Iowa). Best regards,