Monday, May 11, 2009

new stuff


Andy said...

Hey just saw the Wocky got a shout out in Mountain Bike. Congrats on Trans-Iowa, you finished so stop doing it.

Ari said...

Ben, wish your photos would enlarge when I click on them. My vision getting bad lately. How is that hand doing. I am glad you were comfortable on the mary bars.

shockstar said...

ari...someday i'll see if i can't figure out how to do that. the hand and body have healed up pretty well, thanks.
andy...not that there weren't times during the ride that i swore i wouldn't be back but i was really surprised how much fun i had. at this point i can't imagine i won't be back.

MG said...

where's the pink and flesh -- "shocker" signature, T.I. finisher color combo???

that said, it still does look super sweet in do-do brown.