Sunday, August 3, 2008

24/9 thoughts, stats, experiences

-2nd place men's sport 4-person team
-19th place overall out of 200+ teams/solos
-2nd place sucks...especially when you don't feel like you pulled your weight
-fuhrman's team had a good race and ended up 3rd in the national champ 4-person category and 10th overall
-they're team unofficially wins best team name hands down..."choadal devastation"
-i hate the sun and i plan to start worshipping some sort of lunar based deity
-maybe the sun just hates me and my lack of pigment
-the sun does, however, have magical powers of rejuvanation and if you're lucky you get to be the one riding when it comes was awesome
-fine sand gets EVERYWHERE in your bike and creates a stupid amount of creaks
-le mans starts, over-competitiveness and a 24 hour race don't mix well for me
-list of people seen/met worth noting:fuhrman's team (his brother and 2 buddies jason and jeff), jordan from colorado that crashed with me at transiowa, cale from t.i., moffit, jerry wright, burky and dusty b who won the 5-person, scotty who took 6th in the 12 hour solo!!, misty-vassago team manager supporting the o'deas with the help of zach and steve stillwell, fuhrman's brother's girlfriend stacy who kicked ass in her first ever 24 hour solo, trevor from rochester, aaron who we built a stumpjumper fsr 29 for from the la crosse area, i'm sure i'm missing people
-my first attempt at a 24 solo is gonna hurt like hell if this is any indication...
-having dinner and beers in a cave was kinda cool, definitely not as shady inside as it appeared it would be from the outside
-waking up saturday morning to see spinner sleeping in a chair cause he couldn't find his tent late friday night was pretty funny but unfortunately not surprising
-no flat tires with the exception of ogara burping air preriding friday
-the race between eatough and tostada was awesome
-until i got home today i could still count the number of different muscles that cramped on one foot made six shortly after getting home
-playing catch-up on hydration and cramps was damn near impossible
-solo riders quickly look like shit
-i'm now eating everything in sight
-my eyes still burn and look like i'm stoned out of my gourd from riding through a sandstorm
-getting hooked up with vassago was fairly random but i'm glad it happened..definitely cool people that really seem to have their priorities straight
-i'm down as officially riding 85.2 miles during the race, unfortunately i don't think they have an accurate way to add the distance i traveled weaving back and forth on those damn fire roads at 4:30 a.m.
-i passed a guy with a prosthetic leg and many, many people who did not seem to be in what most would consider optimal shape for an event like this...keep doing what you're certainly help keep things in perspective
-the top solo guys rode 284 miles...damn


kent said...

nice work man...sounds like you had a great time with your first 24 hour race. see you in boone dude.

Misty said...'s on baby! You're going 24 solo!!!! Nationals is only 1 year away....see ya in AZ!

shockstar said...


Squirrel said...

You riding your solo with a single in Boone? I have some inside solo single effort info on Boone if you want it:) Cause if you think that super fast Nine Mile course kicked your dick in the dirt.....Boone is gonna fuck you up bad on a single know you've been there. This years course is even harder then last year. I'm out, but the family and I will most likely be there cheering you mates on. Tell Wild Billy I said hello!


shockstar said...

i'd love any input you got...been riding 32x18 (29) in decorah, was considering dropping to a 19 for the hopes of making it all 24...think i need to go to a 20 out back?

kent...what's your story for this one? team?

Squirrel said...

In 2006 I started the 24hr race with a 34x23 on me Monkey. I held the lead lap with Kerkove #1 and Dennis Grelk #2 for 9 hrs before stopping. I was sitting in 3rd. Read my recap and you'll understand why I bailed. I was fit in 2006 and felt great....there is roughly 1800ft of climbing per 7 mile lap that is going from last years course. They've added a little more. There was definitely times I wished I had a 24 or 25 on the back. These are power climbs not your typical sit and grind climbs...your standing and pulling on the bars hard...they'll hurt ya. I never did cramp up, and in those 9hrs I never did walk but I was very close too doing both of those. If I were too do it single speed again I'd go 32x23....laugh now but around midnight you'll understand:)

Peace and good luck bro