Friday, April 3, 2009

about that time

van's basically packed. just need some gas in the tank and some ice for the beer. headed down to des moines first to hopefully get some trail time with squirrel and kent, crash with adam and fam and leave larsson with them as well as amy's fam. big thanks to them for helping with junior. saturday is supposed to be high 70's in the mountains but back to the upper 50's for race day on sunday (yes, i'm thrilled about that). super excited about this race. and speaking of van's...for those that don't know, i am officially rocking (pimping?) a sweet minivan. took the place of the vue. way more loaded than i ever wanted a vehicle but the price was right. and now i'm somewhat ashamedly hooked on heated seats. and larsson's loving the built-in dvd player. kinda feel like a hypocrit, but at least i'm a comfy one. this being its first official trip as "race van" i can say already that it rocks. so i'm cool with soccer mom status.

its white. its a van. and i have candy...


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Good luck Ben. Uncle Rick