Wednesday, April 22, 2009

transiowa tinkering

the hand is doing fairly well but the island certainly took its toll. made it obvious that the transiowa modifications under consideration were now a necessity. so today brought the first trial run with the ergons and mary bars. partially because i can't ride the jabber now that all hub bearings and brake pads have to be replaced and brake calipers had to be entirely disassembled and overhauled (big thanks to ouachita and the island :))

one ride and no doubt i'll be running this set up for transiowa

awesome day for a ride


Joe said...

LOVE my Ergons!!! Loved them on the Surly Torsion Bar and now I'm loving them even more on the Titec H-Bar.

Squirrel said...

Love mine also:)

B I D W E L L said...

I agree with Joe, a must for comfort.
Hope you avenge TI this year! We'll miss you at IMBCS #2 in Waverly. Good luck!