Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nothing broken

but a fair amount of damage to the ligaments. good news is i'm going in this afternoon to get fitted so they can fabricate a custom brace that will allow me to keep riding as long as i can tolerate the pain. the island is still up in the air, but the trials and transiowa seem for sure now. still contemplating alternative bar setups for trans.


MrDaveyGie said...

Good luck with the Brace I was there twice last year. Seems often if I fly over the handlebars I jam my left wrist. The brace worked well on straight bars and wrist healed fast with brace keeping everything in place.

Captain Bob said...

Crap! That stinks but I guess it could be worse. I you decide to go with a flat bar and are considering some bar ends let me know. I have a cool bar end that is super comfy I will let you try. We're talking comfy as in all day comfy.

Call me if you want. 319-415-6302.

Neve_r_est said...


You can always go aero for the gravel grinders.


the original big ring said...

shizzer! That sucks. I'm sure you'll be able to rig something up to keep you on one of your bikes.

shockstar said...

dennis, funny cuz the first thing i thought of was lance last year. even while i was still on the trail dealing with the pain and contemplating a cast i figured i wouldn't miss t.i.

thanks for the offer rob!