Thursday, April 16, 2009

kinda like carbon

might need a little more trimming to keep it from cutting me open on the bike but otherwise feels like it might work. test run with it later tonight but really don't think i'm gonna miss much time. no pics yet but trying out a mary bar/ergon set up on the fisty to see if that might be the way to go for trans. might also try some bar tape around the esi chunky's on the jabber to see if the extra cush helps with the pain. right now grip strength in the right hand is less than half that of the left but hopefully enough to hold on to the bars.


Ari said...

I am really sorry to hear your news. I ride a Mary Bar with Ergon Grips and if set up right with angles and all it is really comfortable. I also glue pieces of "mouse pad" when I need extra shock absorbency.
Hope to see you healthy at Trans Iowa.
Take good care of yourself.

colin said...

I put a piece of foam insulation for a 3/4 inch pipe around my tri bars. I've found it's easier to hang on to something big with my weak hand.

Wow, that sounds kinda gross.

shockstar said...

colin, i considered asking you about the contraption you and your dad came up with to help you hold onto your bars. i think it was pvc pipe and velcro. not sure it'd get me through an xc race but was thinking it might help for trans.

Cellarrat said...

damn dude hopfully you feel better before ti