Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dirt burger and other updates

my version of the dirt burger is shorter than some as it was broken into chunks by that nasty thing called work. regardless, bikes were ridden, drinks were drunk, drunks drank, sleep was optional and limited, fun was had. my participation involved a spirited ride through the back alleys of decorah (led by a guy who has never even been here before) punctuated with the occasional derby. i held my own in the derbies but never came away with a coveted victory, however i did manage to severely taco the wheel of the guy i took second to in one of the matches. as bad as i felt it seemed inevitable. saturday brought some trail time then a long night getting a wedding reception drunk so i missed that night's festivities. sunday i showed up for the scheduled gravel ride to realize (not surprisingly) the weekend had taken its toll on many and there would only be six of us headed to bluffton. trevor, marty, deke, jon-o, spinner and i headed out of town into some menacing clouds. soon it was dumping on us. the rain broke as we entered the bar, then restarted a couple hours later as we remounted our bikes ensuring that most of the ride out and back would be soggy. still a ton of fun. the dirt burger in general was successful in encouraging a fair amount of general jackassery. don't be surprised if this happens again. small is fun, bigger might be more, either way the results will most likely be similar.
on another note, i did get to attend larsson's second ever soccer game (i was unable to make the first). he's also now doing the luther soccer camp that julie helps run. seems he's well on his way to reaching his lifelong goals of someday being the goalie on her high school girls soccer team and then returning as her assistant coach.
and finally, it seems i am caving and will be moving to the darkside and finally joining the facebook community. here's my justification (really this is to make myself feel better but feel free to read)...i've had an account for like a year and a half because i had to register to view some pictures after a race i did. i never did anything with the account but occasionally people must have searched my name and found that i existed and asked me to be a friend. i've never accepted any since i'm not actually on there but i get these emails from time to time telling me of another request. after last weekend's reunion with my high school friends and a rash of friend requests from some people i've met through my racing, i figure the time has come. so...if you're one of those select few who have asked me to be a friend in the last year or so (i think there might be 2 or 3 that actually read this) you'll probably be getting an acceptance...finally. there's my justification...on to dirt burger pics.


spinner and trevor

deke and jon-o

this riding thing is hard work, good thing we got road beers before we left bluffton

fisty enjoying the high life as well

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