Saturday, June 27, 2009

getting back to racing...finally

the self-imposed month off from racing seems to have worked out okay in terms of fitness, but its time to get back at it. headed to mankato tomorrow to shake the cobwebs loose a little bit. just over a month away from the wilderness trail 101 with three xc races before i head out. the 101 is definitely taking over in terms of focus (or is that fear?!?!?). got a call from matt from des moines yesterday so will be meeting him for a trail ride in a few hours. had a great ride at mankato last year in the comp class, hoping to get into the fast half of the expert field tomorrow. always liked this course and i'm not that far off...

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the original big ring said...

focus vs fear?? a fine line . . . i'm more on the side of fear. And yes, I will be there!