Thursday, June 11, 2009

getting the band back together

headed back to d-port this weekend for a reunion tour of the old stomping grounds. i'll be meeting up with a group of my closest friends from high school, most of whom i haven't seen or talked to in 10-15 years. sad, but that's how it is. this year will also be the first year of a new race at scott county park where i grew up camping with the fam. so i'll be heading down for four days of reminiscing, riding, minor league baseball bobble head nights, hotels, casinos, templeton rye, nba finals, stanley cup game 7 and most likely a fair amount of debauchery that hopefully doesn't end up with anyone getting a free ride downtown. a random facebook message a few months ago from julie to one of these guys led to a string of group emails and eventually the planning of a reunion. not bad planning from a group of guys spread as far as decorah, chicago, buffalo, ny and raleigh, nc. best case scenario is i might actually get to ride the new trails 4 times before i head home. rain and nightly activities may dictate a day less of that though.

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