Tuesday, June 30, 2009

that sucked

flat tire 15 miles in. used last co2 to limp in to cresco thinking i had a presta valve adapter and would change the tube at a gas station. nope. hit the bike trail for 10 miles, then a black top for the last 10 and time trialed a total of 20 miles to get home before i was totally flat. ended up with 40+ miles but wanted 60+ and nowhere near the amount of pavement i ended up riding. guess a long training/recovery ride turned into a tt/cadence type training ride. yay. here's to hammering a single speed bike with cross tires on black top. so it is.


Captain Bob said...

Question for you Shockstar. What stem length are you running on the Jabber? I need a new stem I think as the 80mm that I have right now seems a tad short.


shockstar said...

90mm...not sure about the rise though.