Thursday, August 14, 2008

gotta keep riding...

cause man the schedule fills up fast and everytime i spend a couple days off the bike i end up questioning if its okay. skipped the group trail ride last night for some urban riding. a couple ramps and skinnies out back of the shop and a short trip through some local spots and i was ready to be done...kinda feel like i'm trying to play catch-up on sleep and i need to get past that soon.
headed to madtown this weekend for trek world with zack. really looking forward to riding the trek trails again. last year travis and i went and i had an absolute blast, but we got poured on and it left all their structures unrideable. hopefully this year will get to take a run at more of them. that, and madison's just a fun place to hang out.
after i get back from there it will be less than 2 weeks til my first 24 solo...which has suddenly turned into a family reunion. adam (1 year older brother) just moved back from phx to dsm and he's gonna run my pit with the help of chris (6 years older brother) and kent (brother in-law) and whoever else is around. amy (4 year older sister) will be managing emma and eli and has agreed to handle larsson for the weekend as well. heather and sara (sister in-laws) will be around with more nephews. haven't seen mom in a long time and she's making the trip up from stl with keith and orson (dog). just under 2 weeks after returning from madison...i know my diet isn't the best but it'll be time to start kind of figuring that out and not dumping so much shit into my body all the time, but i also know me and i know i need lots and lots of calories. i have the metabolism of a humming bird and the system needs to be fed.
all but the fine details of my trip to phx/las vegas for the 24 hour race and interbike have been taken care of. that give me something like three weeks between 24 hours of 7 oaks and that trip...damn.
oh, and guitar ted just announced plans for transiowa 5...who's ready for a couple thousand miles on snow covered gravels getting ready for another suffer fest?!??!


Anonymous said...

While Keith and I are looking forward (a lot!) to seeing you, Orson said to tell you he's more excited than us! See you in a couple of weeks...... love, mom

Scott said...

T.I. 5 sounds like a good idea next year

shockstar said...'re in?? better move back and beat the shit out of yourself with me.