Tuesday, August 26, 2008


tires finally took a shit. not riding well technically. haven't got a grocery list ready. haven't started organizing. trying to plan a trip to phx/vegas at the same time. 1st 24 solo. no idea what to expect from the course or myself. never touch a bike this close to a race...but did tonight. can't get new tire to seat so i'm using an f-ing tube. what pressure can i run without pinching that since i haven't run tubes for??? meet the teacher tomorrow night. might not ride again before the race. and then i read ari's comment on my last post...sometimes you just need a slap in the face. its all about balance, right? why is that so fucking hard? i'm glad i'm taking larsson with me this weekend, even if i'll be riding for the majority of it. glad he gets to hang with family he doesn't see often enough. glad we'll have the car time together, friday night together, happy knowing he'll be around. will i ride again before the race? maybe, maybe not. if not, i'll probably be practicing my kung fu against imaginary monsters or putting a kickstand on now that the training wheels are gone. i'm alright with that.

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Ari said...

Yesterday Monday was a nightmare. My wife started university classes, my teenage daughter high school and the little one Kindergarten. I came back from Decorah to find the shop a f-ing disaster and i had no idea where to start. Last night at 1130 i got on my 29er and rode till 230am to blow steam off. You have to roll with the punches. The older I get the more organized I feel I have to be.
Hope it all works out for you,