Thursday, August 28, 2008

not a bad day

saw the sunrise on a gravel ride and saw it set on a trail ride. packed almost completely except for some ipods that need charging and some dvd's for junior to watch in the car. nervousness is definitely passing for excitement. and, to top the day off...apparently vassago has decided to use a picture of me (actually the one at the top of my blog) on their home page. flattered? humbled? still feel like i have a lot to prove? not really sure how to explain it all but i can't say enough about the people behind the company. i've met some cool people in the bike industry but never have i witnessed a company that truly cares so much about each individual rider...customer/team/sponsored/supported...doesn't matter. people talk about keeping it real way too much these days but that's where they're at. i'm very much at the start of what could be an awesome journey and already feel like i owe them more than i can repay.


Ari said...

That's what happens when people decide to be nice to each other. At our store we have gained lots of new customers by "just" being nice to everybody, no matter who you are or what you ride.
Keep up the good work. Hope to make it out before the winter to do some rides with you guys.

Misty said...

Good Luck Ben --- see you in a few weeks....uncharted territory for a man from Iowa and a woman from Maryland....should be fun!