Saturday, August 16, 2008

thoughts from t.w.

nothing tried yet, opinions based just on observations...
most important on a personal/local level...rumors flying about g2 switchblade (redesigned, not a replica of non-g2 switchblade) superfly offer is real...09 ferrous looks really good in black.

bikes most excited to try at the demo gf roscoe (not sure why, just looks like a ton of fun), session 88 (preferrably fr version).

bontrager apparel looks pretty good.

new trek district looks awesome, still question belt drive.

trek doing a lot of lime colored bikes...and they really look pretty good.

jack takes a break this year but apparently the redesigned version will rock next year. apparently there is also a shorter travel fs slopestyle e.x.-ish bike being ridden by cam right now that MIGHT end up in production.

no more phd or ged (sorry zack).

rhythm 29 wheelset looks pretty cool.

new fisher road bikes...carbon seat AND chainstays, one of which has a 105 crankset in black, maybe i've been out of it but thinking that's new.
new g.f. roscoe
session 88, pic doesn't do it justice but the magazine ads do...this bike looks awesome in person
zack checking out the ugliest bike here...the new g.f. ss mullet...hideous
105 crankset in black

shimano chain on ss 69...looks like its made out of fishing lures...don't get it, don't like it

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