Monday, August 18, 2008

t.w. demo ride

total inches of travel ridden on sunday = 37"

zach: g.f. roscoe (5"); trek remedy (6"); trek session 88 dh (8")

me: roscoe, remedy, session 88 fr (7")

i ride my vassago for a reason. i love 29/ss/rigid and my jabber works very well for me. however, anyone that thinks there is no place in this world for suspension just isn't gonna have fun some places. i don't get to ride big bikes very often so sunday was chance to do something different and zack and i had a blast. lots of skinnies, drops, a wall ride, a step-up, teeters, dirt jumps and even a short dh run with a cool rock spine leading into it and a pretty healthy rock garden.
impressions of the bikes...the session is awesome (except uphill). it rides amazingly light and the geometry of it feels great. the roscoe was a blast. it actually rode trails well when necessary but the geometry and the travel seemed plenty for what we were doing with it. we've got a santa cruz heckler at the shop that's a few years old but has always been a fun bike. the roscoe reminded me a ton of the heckler, just a little bit better. hard to describe why, i'm sure the weight is part of it, but it was awesome. the remedy...not my favorite. did what it needed to fine, it just didn't feel well set up for me.

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