Monday, August 25, 2008


if you live anywhere in the area and you weren't out doing something this weekend you should be shot. don't know how many weekends a year are better than the one we just had. got in more ride time than i have in a while. no pics cause the camera function on the phone crapped out and i bought a new camera/helmet cam (gopro hero) but don't have good batteries or a memory card for it yet. should get some good stuff from the boone 24 hour race turned family reunion this weekend. feeling pretty strong in the legs right now...not as strong as other times this year but damn close. love the course at boone, lots of friends and family and people i don't see often...should be a great weekend.


Ari said...

Weather here in Sycamore,IL has also been awesome. We were late out in the fields with my son and we saw the Milky Way. I am on the Gunnar 29er and still thinking about a Jabber from you.

shockstar said...

good for you man...i need to spend more time like that with my son. give me a call at the shop if you want to talk bikes...i can't help you compare the two since i've not been on a gunnar, but i can certainly share my personal opinion on the jabber (which should be pretty obvious by now).