Tuesday, March 3, 2009

happy birthday chris!

yeah...another birthday post. if it seems like a lot lately that's because both my brothers, my son and myself have birthdays within a span of like 3 weeks. pretty sure chris is the reason (despite genetics) that i have the aerobic abilities i do and the desire to push myself the way i do. he's six years older than me and i grew up watching him run. its why i got into running cross country in the first place. he made his appearances at state in high school for track and cross country and ended up an all-american in the 800 while at luther. he's also pretty much the reason i ended up at luther as well. his competitiveness was beyond contagious and i think adam would agree what our drive in athletics was influenced greatly by chris. i'll never forget the sound of his bark on those days he came home from college to make it to my high school cross country meets. way better than a packet of gu. by my calculations i wouldn't say chris is really starting to push 40...more of a gentle nudge at this point. hope you have a good one chris.

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