Wednesday, March 11, 2009

re-evaluating the weekend

in light of the repair estimate on the vue that took a dump on my way down to cirrem, i'm attempting to change the way i look at the weekend. here's what i've come up with so far...
-i purchased a $6000 sculpture from squirrel, however he gets no part of that money (sorry man)
-i bought a pair of $6000 oakleys rather than accepting them as schwag for winning the fixed gear category
-i was fined $6000 for poor taste in facial hair
-my cirrem registration, although posted as a free will donation, actually came out to $100 per mile
yeah, none of this is really helping the fact that they want six grand to replace my f-ing transmission. this is worse that triple d ruining my cell phone the first year. even to get a used one put in there would be over four thousand after labor. so i'm now on a mission to find a rockin' ass minivan to haul me and my bikes around the country. i'm excited about that part but not the thousands i've lost in trade-in value. so it is.
more thoughts on cirrem...first, photos here. there's a couple pics in there that start to capture the misery that the sky dropped on us. second, thanks again to kent and jed for throwing this little party. do it again...i'll most likely be back. i was absolutely impressed by the difficulty of the course given its central iowa location and my northeastern iowa bias. third, congrats again to anyone who threw down whether you finished or not. you could have been sitting home watching the t.v. and stuffing your face. you're better for it.


Trevor Rockwell said...

you should have been fined more for the facial hair. AHHHHHHHH!!\
Sorry to hear about the tranny. Hope you get eveything figured out.

colin said...

I've never seen a man wear mutton chop sideburns, a Fu Manchu and a soulpatch all at the same time - yet all separately. I salute you, sir.

Captain Bob said...

Bad Tranny? That stinks dude! Sorry to hear about it. Nice trophy though and no comment on the fur.