Monday, March 16, 2009


late night at work saturday led to sleeping in a bit sunday. woke up to the promise of warm temps so started the day getting the motorcycle running. headed out and got the tank filled up then opened it up on the highway just long enough to get it good and warm and let my face freeze remembering that going 70 mph without a windshield creates a pretty serious wind chill effect. then it was time to hop on the...wait for it...road bike *gasp*. yeah...that damn torture maching that does that shifty thing and shudders at the sight of a small piece of gravel. but met up with a group of 5 roadies and let them beat me into the ground for 4 hours. rode in knee warmers and a short sleeve jersey...felt amazing. i don't ever remember getting a sunburn this early in the year but unfortunately my gingerness reared up and i got fried. for those that don't know, sunburns affect me physically beyond just the pain of the burn. really bad ones will make me physically sick for a couple days. the kind i got yesterday just wastes me. went to a movie with the fam shortly after the ride and actually fell asleep in the theater. dinner of smoked salmon and cheese and a couple boulevard dry stouts and it was lights out for me.

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