Friday, March 6, 2009


-fixed gear trophy for cirrem looks super cool. no idea who's gonna be there let alone who i'll be racing against in the fixed category. but know this...i fully expect to get throttled by the roadies that show. oh, and the weather is supposed to suck. that kinda makes me smile.
-being sick has taken me off my bike. while this means i'm not getting any faster or adding any base this week, it does mean that i'm truly starting to rawk at guitar hero. ok, i still kinda suck but i'm getting better. i don't really RAWK!!! i just kinda rock.
-ari is right. transiowa is right around the corner. yes, its 2 months away but this beast sneaks up on you like a silent ninja assassain. you spend so long preparing for it, so many brutal winter miles with no sign of t.i. then one day you wake up and its 4 a.m. and you're sitting on your bike wrapping your head around what's in front of you. 2 months left of training and its about time to start getting in some gear training. full pack of everything i think i might need over 30+ hours on the bike so i can start adding/subtracting til i think i might be as minimalistic as i can possibly be and still get through.
-jabber and fisty are shiny...crazy freakin' clean. pretty much thanks to the weather and my health. now that those are clean its time to get this guy ready...

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