Thursday, March 5, 2009

so far

the following remedies have been tried in an attempt to kick this crap out of my body before cirrem...
sleep...lots and lots of sleep...mostly nyquil induced comas.
no biking.
echinacea (in 2 different forms)
saline nasal spray
herbal ear cones
drastic increase in vitamin c intake
daily water consumption equal to most weeks
2 trips to the chiropractor
lemon chamomille tea with honey
blackberry brandy, honey, hot water and lemon
humidifier placed roughly 12" from my face while sleeping
hour-long professional full body massage
healthy dose of fresh air today-it was over 60* so i picked larsson up from preschool and headed to the trout hatchery where we ran into bill and zoe and got to see some MONSTER broods

i absolutely hate being sick. hopefully turned a corner on this thing today.


forbesfamily said...

if you haven't turned a corner, it isn't from a lack of trying. hope you're feeling better soon...we're looking forward to watching you this weekend!

Ari said...

My pharmacist said that it starts in the sinuses and then it drains into your throat and then lungs. He suggested using an anti-histamine to dry up the sinus area and keep the throat from getting irritated. Keep working at it man!
TRans iowa is around the corner.