Wednesday, March 18, 2009

yesterday's abuse

that i received for riding a road bike three days in a row took its toll on me so i got out before work today and got another metric in. 62 miles of gravels from here to harmony and back. hopefully now i'm back in the cool club. had a few cobwebs to shake loose from celebrating st. paddy's day but otherwise an absolutely gorgeous morning.

somewhere just south of the minnesota border

similar to yesterday's picture, but better


OGARA said...

Nope, still not cool. If you were leaving for Colorado at 7 p.m. tomorrow, then you'd be cool.

shockstar said...

see...all i needed was one little reminder 3 months ago when i was making my schedule and i would have been there. but, no. not a word. and now everyone else's failure to remind me of this annual trip has excluded me from the cool kids. i feel like i'm back in grade school. i hate you guys.

yeah...i'm jealous.

Trevor Rockwell said...

For once I am not the one that is jealous. Thank GOD!!!! I shall gloat in this for at least a week!

Elly Sue said...

It's ok to belong to both clubs.
I did hear a rumor about some of u guys belonging to both "clubs." LOL. Have a great weekend guys.