Friday, March 13, 2009

trail/ride report

as requested. first off, yes we rode and it was a riot. jeff and i headed towards palisades first. the new section of dead pet is rideable end-to-end. a couple small sections are difficult but its a difficult trail. the original parts of dead pet are very sketchy. riding over glare ice on top of a rock garden certainly leads to some laughs but you're definitely looking at some pain if you go down. middle pali is all rideable including the log ride. the switchbacks were soft and difficult, the road crossing is treacherous. upper pali is still a no-go. turned around and rode back down, riding everything we had ridden on the way up. a mixture of mud and ice here and there but otherwise worth riding. took the road toward the old wold's entrance. hike-a-bike up the crappy asphalt hill and head left instead of going up boa. super sketchy walking up the first hill but you get to the mother's day trail soon enough. every bit of mother's day is rideable. went up and down almost everything at least twice. its in great shape as long as you pay attention for the occasional spot of ice. pretty sure the rest of the trails are worthless. oh, we did ride river trail west to east and rode the whole thing. again, a fair amount of ice but toilet bowl is actually in good shape and the climb is clean. if you're jonesin' for dirt, there's plenty to be had. pali was fun but if you want something more continuous i'd just head for mother's day and ride some loops. i wouldn't expect much else to be worth riding right now. for that matter these trails are probably getting too soft as soon as the sun comes out and the temp starts pushing 32. it was awesome to ride dirt again and i'd guess any night that gets below freezing might lead to a decent 7 a.m. ride if you're willing to get after it that early. i think jeff and i ended up getting in about an hour and a half of riding. on dirt. on march 12th. i'll take it.


Captain Bob said...

Cool! can't wait to ride there again. Thanks for the report.

Trevor Rockwell said...


Barrelroll said...

Alright, that's it, I'm jealous, and props to you crazy bastiges for even trying it.

Folkey RAN those trails noon Thursday and said NFW on riding them... since he (and you guys) have more skills in your pinkie than I'll ever have, I think I'll wait a couple weeks yet.