Sunday, May 18, 2008

casual sunday

cousin greg was in town to buy a new bike...his first bike in years. while he was in town we decided he should try riding trails. we got him one of our rental bikes and we headed out just before noon today. somedays i'm smacked in the face with why i started riding in the first place. we didn't ride fast but he was more than willing to try things way outside his comfort zone. shortly into the ride i asked if he wanted to try my jabber. this put me on a full suspension, geared 26" bike...weird. don't know how else to say it...weird. whatever. after his second crash he came up bloody and dirty, looked at me and said "yep, if i lived in decorah i'd buy a mountain bike". that made my day. to see someone smile and say the same things i did 6 years ago after my first reminded me why i ride. it was nice to get out of race/training mode and just enjoy the ride. oh, and letting him try my bike was a mistake because he loved it and i was stuck on the squishy shifty thing all day :)

on a side note, finally got the white ind. cranks and phil wood ti bb installed. still need to get chainline dialed and finally got the boone cog back on. can't really say much about 'em since greg spent most of the time on it instead of me. but they look nice and the bearings are definitely smooooth.


Joe said...

Hey Ben,

I had a similar experience in Decorah a couple weeks ago. I switched bikes with Andy so he could try my 29er (1 speed Karate Monkey) and I got to ride his full sus 26er (hated it). Andy liked the 29er so much that he's getting a jabber from you guys. We stopped in your shop and was hugely impressed.


shockstar said...

as long as nothing breaks when they're riding your bike its all worth it :)

glad he dug the ride...i think if he decided to do the black frame and white fork it could look pretty sick.