Thursday, May 22, 2008

wednesday night ride

folky, friedhof, and the unicorn wondering who stole his horn
spinner (trying to avoid any jokes regarding wood)
drank the cooler out of heavy, had to move to the champagne light

necessary info from last night:
riders: pete the dentist, john the new dentist, benji from inspired magazine, moffit/chewey, the unicorn, fuhrmanchu, deke from down the street, myself. spinner was learning to fight fires but showed up later with the other jeff. folky also made a guest appearance.
miles: ?
speed: ?
log rides: 2 each by 3 riders
entertaining crashes: disappointingly none
postride: bonfire and grilling out back of my place
beer purchased/brought: 30 pack high life, 30 pack high life light, 18 pack coors lt, 12 pack coors lt, a few random cans of busch lt and bottles of fat tire
beers consumed: too many
food: ogara's famous grilled morels (don't want to know the value of what we consumed in mere minutes), brats funded by pete (thanks)
number of people overserved: at least two
perfect weather, fun ride, fun night.

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