Thursday, May 22, 2008


gorgeous day for a ride. ogara, novian (full-on roadie) and i went out on the trails. novian punishes me on gravels/roads so it was fun to flip roles a bit. having said that, this was his first trail ride of the year and my first time riding with him and he surprised me by having some decent technical ability. early in the ride i started having knee problems, then proceeded to crash coming off the log ride in north 40. good news is i broke the fall with my face. damn i hate crashing. this means the next ride must include that log ride simply to "get back on the horse" and not let the demons mess with me every time i see it. tweaked my front wheel and burped all but about 10psi out of my tire. novian had co2 but no pump, ogara had a pump but no co2. the pump and the co2 weren't compatible. i was too lazy to grab my stuff on the way out the door. so, riding easy (10 psi in a racing ralph feels really squirrely) the rest of the way but finished the ride. travis got the rim taken care of. all in all, another day in paradise.

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