Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wednesday night ride

wow, what a shitty night.

i rode terribly, which led to this...

the racing ralph burped for the third straight ride.
which led to this...
ogara and the black sheep, fuhrman's wily were both out. spinner's mariachi too but no pics.
i barely lasted 20 minutes into the ride before ralph burped AGAIN...and this was after riding like an idiot. dinged the rim a bit as well and i'm planning on selling this wheelset in a couple weeks when the I9's come in. so i ducked out early, grabbed some beers and headed to the shop. f-ing racing ralph has come off in place of the crossmark i used to run. now running crossmarks front and back and i guess the ralph will make a reappearance on the navigator which is coming around awesome. need to get a wheelset built but definitely making progress and laughing along the way. anyway...shitty night. gonna watch some tivo'd ufc and crash.

1 comment:

kent said...

i'm glad i don't ride near as fast as you...i've managed to keep my ralphs glued to my rims no problem. ;)