Monday, May 26, 2008

long weekend

friday night having beers with bill around the fire
larsson chillin by the fire friday night
larsson and his best friend lucas watering the flowers saturday night
sunday afternoon, a few beers and a santa cruz chameleon lead to bad ideas...(spinner)
sunday night and a long game of quarters led to this...the hole in the wall is rougly 12"X12" and ties is roughly 6'0" and 230 lbs

spent the weekend at the campground in town here and the weather was near perfect but i actually didn't get out and ride much...surprisingly i'm okay with that. quality time with larsson, spent quite a bit of time with friends, got one good ride in with bill on saturday, installed new brake pads on the jabber (its quiet again!!!), and got a little out of control with spinner(although i was gone before the real excitement happened). with the exception of work i was inside for as little time as possible...not a bad weekend.

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