Wednesday, May 21, 2008


got out on the fixticuff for close to 85 miles last night. first half all pavement straight into a surprisingly harsh wind. got to preston, took a nice break, then rode most of the way back on gravel with a fading tailwind. made me think about how easy it is to take good conditions for granted...calm winds, dry singletrack, no snow, etc. very rarely do i force myself to go out and intentionally work my arss off in these conditions specifically so that i can truly appreciate the good days. i don't shy away from them, i don't refuse to ride in them, i simply deal with poor conditions because i'm forced to, because i head out for a ride and suddenly i'm kicked in the teeth with huge headwinds. 5-6 hours on the bike gives you a lot of time to draw parallels between riding and life...

got to watch the sunset beside me part of the way back, then it got real dark and the nighttime gravel demons started playing, then for the final 45 minutes i rode straight toward an incredible (full?) moon. there's plenty of beauty in the world, some nights i'm lucky enough to notice.

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