Thursday, May 29, 2008


me and the bike. was planning on a longish trail ride with flip and novian today but the weather didn't cooperate. so, i decided on a long gravel ride. took off and it was about 50 degrees and raining. rain stopped pretty early on but the gravels stayed wet in spots. trashed the bike and had to work harder than normal. rode to dorchester and back, got in around 55 miles and 4-5 serious climbs. balsam hardest hill i can find. long and steep beyond anything else around here, at least that i've ever seen. quads pretty fried and need to get some food. speaking of...check out the pre-ride meal :) got a text from scotty coincidentally while i was climbing balsam. last time i did this ride he was with me. he would have been down for this ride no questions asked. wish you'd been here...we would've had a good laugh about the conditions we were in vs. the people sitting around on their couches watching t.v. glad we're not them.

full pound of stew beef (complimented with half a block of cojack)

half-way and already trashed

what tattoo?

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