Thursday, May 22, 2008

ride a bike

yeah, that's me having fun at work. larsson was there and gets a kick out of watching me hop on my back wheel so i stole zack's bike and started screwing around. but, here's the deal...i was reading guitar ted's blog about gas prices and how he was coping with it and wanted to share this. brad, who works at the shop, recently dropped the cash on an xtracycle for his 8500 complete with a powered rear hub from crystalite (sp?). it has a grip-shift looking throttle on the right, rigged up as a single speed and can get something like 60 miles on one battery charge. he's also built a wooden frame around the back end to be able to carry more. we can now take two full size bike boxes and a bunch of other stuff to ups without using the shop truck. point being, if you look close enough, you can see it in the background. brad, and everyone else going by bike...thank you.

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Marlan said...

Shockstar. Looks like I am the first to comment on your blog. Nice style on the hopping. Marlan