Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hail yeah

headed out for a ride saturday right after work. the day had been gorgeous and i was looking forward to getting some good trail time alone. on the way to the trailhead the sirens started going off. living in a small town that still has a 6 o'clock siren i didn't think much of it...then it hit me. i checked my phone and it was 5:45. i checked the sky and it was getting really dark. whatever, the last few times the sirens have gone off nothing's happened. 2 minutes onto the trail and it started raining. when i got up into the pines in van peenen i stopped to work on my bike when this rolled across in front of my feet.
so i put my helmet back on just in time to take a couple frozen golf balls to what would have been my skull. jumped back on the bike and kept riding...couldn't get much worse, right? the trails turned to mud with periodic mini rivers and lakes. stopped along the way to take this pic trying to show how much hail was actually making it through the trees.
the ride was a riot but had to do some serious clean up on the bike by the end of it. i guess it wasn't just the bike that needed cleaning...

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