Sunday, June 15, 2008

fathers day gravel ride

45 mile gravel tour with novian to see what road carnage could be found. plenty of road closed signs, amazing displays of the power of flood waters, farm fields turned into moonscapes, collapsed roadways and the stench of standing water in the fields. we're obviously past the worst of it...but to those who aren't, i wish you the best. had a lot of fun riding freewheel and felt pretty good considering i haven't hit the gravels very hard lately. anyway, plenty more euro 2008 to watch.

impassable gravel road leading into bluffton...looks like a bomb site.

novian bypassing a massive washout on happy hollow

fisty almost entirely swallowed up by what used to be happy hollow...this is not off to the side of the road, this is the trench on the right side of the road in the picture above.

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Joe said...

DAMN!... just DAMN! see ya in a week!