Wednesday, June 4, 2008

urban style

wednesday night urban ride. haven't done one of those in a long time, at least not in weather above freezing without snow on the ground. ogara, zack, me and we drug travis out. his secret training has paid off and he really rode well. the steelhead came out of hiding...i love that bike. piggish, missing the peg that gave it some custom-ground-dropout-personality, welded chainstay after cracking top and bottom, and the crazy stiff argyle fork...still love that bike. everyone threw down some shit they hadn't pulled off before, including myself working a bench at luther's cfl that has a near 90 degree corner. of course, i also looped out of a wheelie drop down about a four foot stairset which messed with my wrist and slid across the concrete on my hip. i was a little concerned about skipping a chance to get on the trails with the afton race this weekend but the impact of urban riding on trail riding is easily underrated and i really have no concerns about getting out and tearing up the town a bit. unfortunately i tweaked my knee a couple more times which seems to be happening on a regular basis. i'm acutally getting a bit nervous about how my knee's gonna hold up through the rest of the season. i think i'm gonna have to be a little careful for a while and try to get it to rest up before my endurance races get started. rather not start taking time off but i might not have a chance soon. damn. regardless, shit happened tonight and its always cool to see people pulling stuff they've never done.

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