Thursday, June 26, 2008

wednesday night ride

the group was slimmed down a lot tonight by a random collection of events in people's lives. so travis, novian and i headed out just after 6:30. installed a rope to try to keep the horses from doing further damage to the new entrance of dead pet. the ride went all the way to the top of pali and back down, then we headed up through smeby's yard and into larson's land. coming down out of larson's i had my first of three crashes. the first one was just ugly trying to roll through the ravine where smeby's and larson's meet. over the bars but didn't flat. we need to fix that ravine...pretty sure its the same place marty got a flat on sunday. from there we went in the rollercoaster and up the rocky road to van peenen. julia, gunnar, north 40, dust bowl and little bighorn backward. i was feeling damn good after having already climbed larson's totally clean for the first time and then making it up the switchbacks on little bighorn. unfortunately a logpile on little bighorn sent me over the bars again. travis was riding really well for not riding much this year at all, and novian was riding really well for not riding trails hardly at all (roadie). from here it was over to fred's, up backside, captain's, big loop up top of dunning's/ice cave which included a decision to sprint the entire loop leaving me wanting to puke, up the clay corner and back to boa. boa gave me one more reality check as i caught my bars on a tree at high speed and just laid it down. i actually have road rash from the trails. i know that's common some places but not around here. anyway, it was good to get out and put on that kind of distance at the pace we did...didn't hammer but just kept a good solid pace.
novian coming up out of the clay corner
travis coming up just finishing our sprint (some day i'll use something other than my phone)

bad picture of the road rash

evidence of how dry and dusty our trails are right now


Misty said...

Uggg....road rash across the!

shockstar said...

you should see the scar i tore through my larsson's initials on my shin 2 months after i got it done.