Monday, June 23, 2008

saturday recap

7 a.m. wake-up call and i try to pull my head out of its tomb located somewhere in the earth below my tent. ow. damn. this is gonna be a long day at work. seriously, i feel like death. yeah, big surprise. i try fighting off the demons whispering in my ear "5 more minutes, you'll wake back up and have plenty of time to get to work, just 5 more minutes, it'll make you feel better". so i get my shit together and head down to the real world. quick shower to scrape the residue off my skin, shave my teeth and head to work. a long miserable day is broken up by visits from scotty and kent and then moh shows up. haven't seen jason since frostbike and he's always a good guy to have around. loves to ride...LOVES to ride, and its contagious. joe from osage shows up and gets direction to the campground and its starting to feel like there's something going on regardless of how small it is. sounds like people are out riding some more and newbies are getting their tents set up. all my clock watching finally leads to 5 p.m. and quittin' time (for the record i still had a headache). run to the apt and head up to camp. people are already gathering for the planned 6ish group ride. list of people i can remember on the, ogara, jesse, travis, jason, brian, joe, adam? (joe's friend, help me if the name is wrong), friedhof, scotty, kent, gunner, derek, trevor and i'm sure i'm missing someone...grawin??? anyway, that was one of the coolest rides i've been on. we rode damn near every trail with the exception of pali, log rides were conquered and failed, and we moved pretty damn quick for a group that size. then, backbone took its revenge and kent provided the worst crash of the weekend. trust me, you don't want to see someone go over their bars on that trail and i'm pretty damn impressed kent rode away from that one. hell, i'm pretty impressed he walked away from it. travis made his maiden voyage on his sub-18 pound 1x9 superfly...that bike is ridiculous. anyway, got back to find some people who had dropped off and some people who hadn't ridden. deke was there with i think a half a cow and he was damn sure people were going to eat all of it before the night was done. beers were cracked...lots and lots of beers were cracked. the night was not all that different from the one that preceded it...maybe a little more tame and a few less beers shotgunned, but fun nonetheless. shit was talked, although grawin fell short on his threats, scotty fell asleep mid-sentence, and most of us made it til sometime after two before heading back to the tents. apparently most of us were passed out too hard to miss most of the excitement that ensued, but that's another story for another time. just know that drunk dudes and 2x4's don't make for a good combination. i was asleep within seconds of closing my tent (i think).

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