Friday, June 20, 2008

so it begins

kent showed up from des moines yesterday and got his jabber lightened up a bit with an origin8 carbon fork then headed up to van peenen to set up camp. as soon as i got off work i joined him and set up the third tent in the unofficial campsite of the unofficial ballyhoo. big thanks to kent who then helped get logjam rideable for the weekend. showered, moved on to t-bocks, and now i'm a bit tired. gotta get beer and food up to the campsite this morning then head straight up after work. planning social hour tonight, followed by a 9 p.m. night ride (christ i keep forgetting to charge my light). tomorrow is gonna consist of a big group ride shortly after 6 and who knows what else.


Joe said...

Hey Ben,

I'll be in Decorah sometime Saturday morning. I'll ride up to van-peenan, set up camp, then look for signs of bike mayhem.

Speeking of lightening up a bike... I just heavied mine up. I put my touring racks back on so I can haul my camping gear up the trail.

btw.. Where's a safe place to park my car for the weekend?

Joe in Osage

Guitar Ted said...

Was up there all afternoon and didn't see a soul. It was like a ghost town.


Got a good three hours in anyway.......

Hope ya'all had a great weekend.

kent said...

couldn't have asked for a better time at the unoffical ballyhoo. great people, perfect camping spot, and the trails were in the best condition i've ever seen them in. thanks for the top notch weekend!