Sunday, June 15, 2008

its done

the city bike project is finally complete. pic first, then important info...
older trek navigator 400
shimano nexus 3-speed internal hub/coaster brake
69'ed with a surly instigator fork
bontrager revolt ss rear tire
racing ralph 2.25 front
older titec ti flat bars
origin8 track grips
eastern platform pedals (the orange sucks but its all i had)
radially laced front wheel which cost about $20 in parts (all new)
race lite seatpost
big earl saddle
crap stem/cranks (which creak like mad but i'm too lazy to pull them apart)
burley hitch
it rides like a lazy-boy and the steering is terrible. oh well.


Joe said...


kent said...

nice rig the only thing it needs to be a true commuter/city bike is a lot of neglect. =)