Monday, June 23, 2008


roll my sorry ass out of the tent on sunday, somehow feeling a million times better than i did 24 hours prior, but still struggling. i wander out to the bonfire to see a lump that i figure out is jesse sleeping 10 feet from the fire surrounded by the night's mess. i was surprised to see him back following his trip down the rocky road at some ridiculous time just before i went to bed. hadn't even seen him come back. see joe getting back from an early morning ride, part of me is jealous of not taking a spin in the peaceful morning but i knew my body couldn't handle it. we do a quick pick up then 10 of us head to family table and start stuffing faces. a face full of hashbrowns while stabbing at the french toast and i was feeling pretty good about myself. we loaded up in vehicles and headed back up for a full scale clean up mission. when we get to the top we come across marty who's finally made it over from prairie. marty's another one of those guys that great to have around. we finish cleaning up and decide to head back down and start our ride from town cause like half the group hasn't seen twin springs yet. we were considering taking the phelps trail but the parks and rec truck left us reconsidering. evidence of the floods was obvious on the way to the trail but twin springs itself rode like that trail. just wish it was closer to the rest or a little bit longer. hard to feel like its worth the trip every time. finish riding both ways then head back over to do the new entrance to dead pet that was built for the time trials. the ride consisted of me, mohwinkle, marty, jesse, kent and freidhof. another great ride. we headed all the way up pali and i got a chance to show off logjam for the first time to marty and kent. logjam provided a couple fun crashes as it typically does. everyone headed back down and out pali, then climbed up through smeby's back yard and into larson's land. after doing a loop through larson's it was deemed necessary to head to t-bock's for refueling. unfortunately, at this point i was cooked. a 32oz coors light and a gyro and i didn't have anything left in the tank. marty and jason headed back up for more but i headed for the couch. again, another great day spent riding with some solid dudes injected with just enough greasy food and beer.

here's the deal...the trails here are in phenomenal shape. everyone that came and hung out and got to see the trails with us had an awesome time. our trails are difficult, and that is something most of us are proud of. weather does change trails, but we worked our asses off and handled every problem area we found. some trails may not look like they did before, but they were already difficult, now they're simply different. the people who chose to show up were great people to have around. we had a blast and the weekend was pretty much everything i had hoped for...a lot of time spent riding and bullshitting with a group of great guys. people i've never had the chance to really hang out with, good friends that have moved away, good friends i just don't see enough. am i disappointed the official ballyhoo didn't happen? yes. do i understand why the decision was made? yes. do i agree with calling it off? it doesn't matter. that wasn't my call to make. it wasn't my responsibility or my burden. what does matter to me is that our trails our in amazing shape. tons of miles were put on these trails and i was proud to show them off. thanks to all the locals and everyone else that has put so much time into overcoming the events of the past few weeks.

as for me, the coming week is all about detox and preparation. i've had my fun and its time to get ready for mankato and then figure out how to start preparing for a 12 and a couple of 24's.

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