Tuesday, June 10, 2008

trail work tomorrow

actually, trail work last night and tomorrow and whenever you can until the ballyhoo. jeff, jesse and i went out and finished cleaning up the work jeff had started in dustbowl, gunnar, and north 40 then took a stroll down to death valley which is still a river at this point. there is some basic maintenance that needs to be done which is normal for a. summer maintenance and b. post storm clean up. there will also be some trail reclamation and rerouting necessary as well. what this means for now is NO DHPT TIME TRIAL TOMMOROW. instead, we will be meeting near death valley to rebuild/reroute what we've lost there. if we have more than enough people we might be able to send people out to other trails but death valley is in need of some serious work. luckily we have a great group of volunteers and i firmly believe we will have the trail situation remedied before the ballyhoo.

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