Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

dad and i have been pretty cliche over the years. he was hard working, conservative, worked in a suit kind of a guy. i strayed off that path a bit, ended up with a fair amount of ink, a few extra holes, long hair, nail polish, pants that fell off my ass and made some choices that have been questionnable at best. to say we didn't understand each other oversimplifies things but will do for now. somewhere along the way things changed. a level of understanding was reached. i'm sure it helped that i kind of got my shit together without giving up who i was, but when that understanding turned into respect...a mutual respect for who we are and what we do...i realized i'd taken a lot for granted over the years. okay, avoiding getting as sentimental and emotional as this is about to get...i have two hopes for the future to share at this point. 1. i hope that i can be the father for larsson that you have been for me. to me that would be my greatest success, and i'm trying. its not easy, but i'm trying. 2. i hope that someday larsson can look at me the way i look at you now. thank you dad. thank you for more than i'll ever be able to repay. happy father's day. i love you.

larsson is the one truly benefiting from the father you've been to me.

chris and adam...keep doing what you're doing. payton, carter, maddux and caden are lucky sons. you, too, have learned from the best and both make incredible fathers. love you guys.


BillS said...

Parental tears of pride in seeing how their children have grown into good and caring adults are the sweetest of them all. Ben, its true our life paths may not have been the same but your heart is true to purpose and you will do well!

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

I, too, am glad you have had the opportunity to "learn from the best" to become the father you are and find the balance in life that brings true happiness. Few in life find that; you have.

Love, Mom