Monday, June 23, 2008

i'm tired

long weekend. not so much what would be considered "quality" sleep. but if you don't have fun camping riding and drinking all weekend with a group of awesome guys then you've got issues. the weekend started off on the right foot for me when fedex showed up friday with a present for i9's came in and that made me more than just a little bit excited. jeff happened to be at the shop (as did kent and scotty) so jeff helped get me set up while i worked with customers and we all just hung out for a while. i got off work at 6 and swung by the apt before heading up to the campsite. got there with everything i needed and had forgotten previously and started making dinner and hydrating with a mix of high life heavy and high life light depending on which cooler was closer at that point. after drinking for about three hours it was time to start the night ride...yes, if you're wondering, this IS in fact a good idea. in fact its a wonderful idea. at least we thought so at the time. we had about 10 people out for the night ride under a random collection of high end lights and some pretty shady set ups with basically commuter lights. some people were doing their first ever night ride under commuter lights and a bit of beer...again, i'm sure this was a good idea. people got roughed up a bit, but no serious injuries and it was a good ride. plenty to laugh about around the fire afterward. so, back to the beers and things are going pretty well when a certain someone shows up from his company golf outing with some friends. no everclear this year, but he was in full form. somehow nobody managed to get seriously hurt after seeing who could jump through ogara's raging inferno of a bonfire, jesse riding his bike like a maniac through the group and the fire, full beers being chucked at people from point blank range. i lost track of just how many beers were actually shotgunned friday night. at some point scotty and i did another night lap under extremely poor lighting conditions just to see if we could...still think we should have grabbed helmets for that one. the rest of the night gets a little foggy before i went to my tent around 1. would have enjoyed seeing the end of that one but knowing i had to work in the morning was starting to concern me. more about saturday when i can.

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